Remote support

With the Teamviewer application we are able to support you by remote control of your desktop.
Supported platforms include; Windows, Mac and Linux systems as well as Apple iOS and Android mobiles.

Click the image below to download the QuickSupport application. This allows us to setup a connection to your desktop.

IT in Mind QuickSupport

Submit a support ticket

To submit a support ticket from this page you should click the Support ticket label on the right-hand side. Enter your email address to allow us to contact you directly.
Following this you can enter your question and / or description of your problem. With the buttons in the bottom you can also add a screendump or add an attachment file (if applicable).

If your ticket is high priority please add URGENT to the subject of your ticket. Please also add your direct phone number to the description.

You may close the Support ticket screen by clicking anywhere next to the ticket screen.